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Hamilton’s Property Inspection Services

Home/Property Inspector at HouseMaster provides Home/ Property Inspection Services in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Binbrook, Haldimand County, Smithville, Caistor Centre, Caledonia, Canborough, Dunnville, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Cayuga, Grimsby, St. Catharines & Surrounding areas. They have a range of tailored Home/Property Inspection Services to meet all your needs.


A home inspection is intended to provide information about the condition of the home’s systems and components at the time of the inspection. An inspection will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Each home is unique, and we do what it takes to make sure you are informed about your specific home. We also encourage you to be present for the home inspection so that we can answer any of your questions. We are committed to making sure that YOU are informed, which goes beyond filling out a standard home inspection checklist.

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Service Includes:

  • Comprehensive inspection of property and septic system components
  • Locating accessible components of septic system—includes accessing and opening tank lid(s)
  • Identification of approximate setback distance to structures, wells, reservoirs, surface water and property lines
  • Calculate approximate septic tank size
  • Calculate daily design flow for building
  • Identify any overt signs of malfunction


Service Includes:

  • Testing for pH, hardness, iron, nitrite & nitrate (on-site)
  • Comprehensive inspection of the water supply, pump and pressure system components
  • In-depth yield test proves how the well reacts to extended water use at the time of inspection
  • Collection of a bacterial water sample for total coliform & E.coli analysis at provincially licenses and accredited lab

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How to find an inspector?

In order to find a WETT-certified member in your area, please go to our website ( and use the Find a WETT Certified Professional search feature.

What type of WETT-certified professional do I need?

WETT primarily certifies individuals in the following categories (and combinations thereof):

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If you think you have some Mold, chances are you do. Most people do not realize that Mold is everywhere!
The question that should be asked is "Just how Bad is the Mold problem that I have?"

While we do know a lot about Mold, there is a lot that we do not.

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