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Mold Inspection in Hamilton ON

Licensed Home Inspector in Hamilton

Contact certified home inspector, John Hansen at HouseMaster for mold inspection in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Binbrook, Haldimand County, Smithville, Caistor Centre, Caledonia, Canborough, Dunnville, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Cayuga, Grimsby, St. Catharines & Surrounding areas.

mold inspection hamilton

If you think you have some Mold, chances are you do. Most people do not realize that Mold is everywhere!
The question that should be asked is "Just how Bad is the Mold problem that I have?"

While we do know a lot about Mold, there is a lot that we do not.

  • Some things we do know include, there is at least 100,000 species of Mold on earth, of those only about 1,000 reside in Canada.
  • Some things we do not know include, the exact health risks associated with being exposed to Mold.
  • The colour of Mold is not an indicator of how harmful it may be to your health.

Mold comes in many colours and varieties; Black Mold, Red Mold, Green Mold, Pink Mold , Red Mold and more.

Why risk it?

Some people can live with a large amount of Mold and not be effected at all, however there are many that are extremely sensitive to the least amount.

Many times when we see just a little as shown on the picture below on the left, the reality is that there is much more where we can't see it, as shown in the picture on the right.

At HouseMaster Home Inspections we go beyond just looking for Mold, we locate the issue(s) that may be allowing the Mold to thrive and grow.
It takes a trained eye with experience that can locate these problems.

At HouseMaster Home Inspections we are dedicated to providing high quality and non-biased reports. How do we ensure this?

As with any service that is offered at HouseMaster Home Inspections, we limit our services to the Inspection of your home or business! We do not offer any remediation services! Why? you may ask... it is a clear violation of ethics. We take this very seriously.

Sampling Methods:

  • Spore traps are used with a special air pump. The air is drawn in through the spore trap and collected on the special trap.
  • A special tube is sometimes used , the tube is inserted into the wall cavity in the area of concern and connected to the air pump.
  • Carpet samples can be taken; a small piece is cut off at a location of concern. This piece may be required to be large in some cases.
  • Tape lifts can also be employed to identify the species of Mold.

These samples are all rushed to the lab the same day it is collected. The results are emailed to HouseMaster Home Inspections to be assessed. A report is then created for you, the client, and is emailed out accompanied with a phone call to verbally go through everything that has been found and the options for the best ways to move forward are relayed to you personally.

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