Questions About Home Inspectors That Never Get Asked

John Hansen |

Questions About Home Inspectors That Never Get Asked

When it comes to home inspection, there are a ton of questions clients have but often they don’t ask these questions until the inspector has arrived at their doorstep. Opening your home to an unqualified person could be dangerous for you and the safety of your home. At HouseMaster, we value your safety and want you to get the best possible home inspection from the most qualified personnel. To help you get this, we have answered some questions about home inspectors that never get asked, but should be.

1. What are your credentials to be a home inspector?

Belonging to a not for profit home inspection association such as OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors proves an acceptable level of knowledge has been achieved.

2. How much are the charges?

This is a lot of the times the first question a potential client asks when they call a home inspector. This should not be the first question though it is important to know ahead of time. Credentials and references should be the first questions to be asked so that you know you are dealing with a qualified inspector.

3. Are you a licensed home inspector?

As of right now, there is no license required to be a home inspector. We are working on getting this changed so that licenses are required to better protect the consumer. Our president and owner, John Hansen sits on the board of directors at Ontario Association of Home Inspectors which works closely with the government in getting home inspectors to be required to be licensed.

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